April News 2020 | Toronto instrumental private school

April News 2020 | Toronto instrumental private school


April News 2020
From our team at Burlington Royal Arts Academy, we hope that you and your family are doing well and staying safe.  It certainly has been an unprecidented few weeks.   As always, the health and well-being of our staff, students and community is priority one and you can rest assured that we will continue to follow the advice and recommendations of our provincial and federal government officials and health experts with regard to school protocols and closure.  Although the COVID-19 pandemic has presented all of us with unique challenges, please know that the BRAA staff is here for students and their families and that we will continue to provide support and educational instruction to the best of our abilities.  While it is a stressful time let’s not lose sight of of all the things that can inspire us and connect us as we move forward!
BRAA Transitions to Remote Learning!
Thanks to the team effort of our teachers and staff at Burlington Royal Arts Academy we were able to ensure a smooth transition to learning remotely online!  Our students have been engaged and innovative, and they have shown positive energy and enthusiasm toward this new way of learning.
Here are some of the things students have been working on…

In Ms. Watson’s geography class students are investigating common resources in our world that are being collectively abused and may be at risk. Students used Google Slides to create presentations that they then shared with their classmates.

In Ms. Cohen’s art classes, students are reflecting upon material items that create waste in our world. Using the elements and principles of design and the elements of photography, students are constructing what is known as a Lay Down Photo. In essence they have purposefully created a still life that is aesthetically pleasing. Objects are placed mindfully to create intentional balance, harmony, and focus. They have considered viewpoint, background as well as lighting.  Check out some of the students’ amazing work below!
In Mr. Fu’s math class students have been continuing with their study of Polynomial Inequalities…
In Ms. Gondosch’s Drama class students took virtual tours of theatre venues around the world!  Students “travelled” to a theatre space of their choosing and took some time to explore on their own. After exploring, students researched the venue in more detail, collecting interesting facts and videos that they then shared with one another in their online classroom!  Click the link below to enjoy some of these theatre venues yourself!
https://artsandculture.google.com/story/1gJiszMqltReJA?hl=en&fbclid=IwAR221bBJCBI-eJmE-wyn1bDUTcdHO16oOrvKLiXnaIIilQSMsh3KOkDYkFwStudents also had the opportunity to connect with set and costume designer Kelly Wolf, who joined the drama Zoom classroom to answer questions about designing for theatre.  Thank you Kelly!
Congratulations Barry!
BRAA is so proud to announce that Barry Feng, one of our graduating students, has recently been accepted into a number of post-secondary programs including the Berklee College of Music, CSUN (California State University, Northbridge), the Los Angeles College of Music and Cal State LA University!
Barry has been studying bass and musical theory at BRAA for the last two years and all his hard work and dedication to his studies has certainly paid off!
Barry is excited to continue his journey toward becoming a professional artist, one who inspires generations of listeners and changes the way people think about music.  Congratulations Barry!
Celebrating our Amazingly Talented BRAA Staff
To stay connected with her women’s choir (based here in Burlington), BRAA’s very own Ms. Naccarato pulled some of her members together and created a virtual choir!  Each individual recorded their vocal parts separately and then the song was engineered back together. Click the link below to enjoy their piece with a beautiful sentiment of unity and togetherness – one people, one voice.


Ms. Gondosch has composed her second article for the Hamilton arts blog Beyond James.

It touches on these unique and challenging times specifically with performing artists in mind and offers readers some positive momentum to move onward with creative curiosity!


Remember we are all in this Together!
One of our students in Ms. Gondosch’s ESL class wrote the following poem the week before the school closed as part of a lesson on abstract nouns.

Let it encourage us to find joy in the little things as we navigate the weeks ahead 🙂

Happiness – by Stella

Happiness is the colour of the sunset.

It smells like white jasmine.

It tastes like yummy noodles made by my mother.

It sounds like laughter in a park full of beautiful flowers.

It feels like lying on a soft bed after taking a hot shower.

It looks like a beautiful photo in my phone.

It lives in a warm room with a lovely cat.

Although it will likely be much different from celebrations of years past, on behalf of the staff here at BRAA we’d like to wish you a happy and healthy Easter weekend.  Enjoy and be safe!



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