Burlington Royal Arts Academy is keeping our students as our top priority during COVID 19

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Burlington Royal Arts Academy is keeping our students as our top priority during COVID 19

Under the current situation of the pandemic and with most schools only posting online assignments, students have a lot of spare time on their hands. With families across Canada practicing social distancing, parents are trying to find all sorts of new ways to find learning opportunities for their kids.

At Burlington Royal Arts Academy we help students balance this time healthily, promoting a balance of work and play. With our current online classes, our students are diving deep down into their education as well as finding time for themselves. Every school day from nine to three, students are learning in our online face to face classrooms. Beyond academics, our school also offers a variety of online art courses including dance, visual arts, music, and drama.

For example, in our music classes, our teacher focuses on making lessons fun and engaging for students while making sure they are learning something new and interesting every class. In our instrumental music class, students use sounds created by household items and piece them together into a song. Through this process students not only get to increase their understanding of music creation but also expand their creativity, furthering their interest in music. Similarly, in visual arts, our students focus on recreating famous art pieces with household items such as clothes. With these assignments, our teachers get to explain the fundamental principles for multi-media art while assigning students with tasks that bring them a lot of joy.

Our commitment to students has gotten recognition from parents indicating students “enjoy this method because it provides no loud interruptive distractions” and that teachers “deserve a big pat on the back for providing their expertise teaching skills via online!” Once schools resume, our students can smoothly transition back to their normal school life as they have been keeping up with their learning through our online classroom. Our mission as educators pushes us to provide the best learning opportunities for our students no matter what the situation is.

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