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Are all arts-academic-focused educations the same? Sure, they share some similarities, mainly their fusion of arts and academic instruction. However, what sets the Burlington Royal Arts Academy (BRAA) apart from other schools is that the school is built on core foundational values. These values form the basis for everything we do and teach at BRAA. When you choose the Burlington Royal Arts Academy you are choosing an education that aligns with our foundational values, and those values matter.

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What are the Foundational Values?

BRAA subscribes to the ACE program of values. ACE stands for:

  • Activity
  • Creativity
  • Engagement

We use these foundational values to help shape our students so that they’re set up for success throughout their lives because the values place importance on citizenship and character education. Our students leave BRAA not just educated, but ready to move on to post-secondary with confidence and independence.

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Foundation 1: The Active Student

Why it matters: Our student’s engagement in an immersive artistic-academic high school education helps to develop their humanity, educating the mind and body through cognitive, physical, social, and emotional activities leading to self-improvement and well-being.

BRAA endeavours to ensure that students are ready for lifelong success by building incorporating the concepts of altruism, ethics, and active participation in all our arts and academic learning. Students develop skills required for flexibility, adaptation, and resilience, all of which are required for future success.

Foundation2: The Creative Community

Why it matters: Our graduates exercise the necessary moral values and growth mindset for acceptance into the post-secondary institutions they desire and into the changing global workforce as it adapts to new ethical mandates during times of turbulence, volatility, and uncertainty.

At BRAA, we make sure that our students are ready to cultivate supportive relationships. Additionally, we work to instill the value of community and a sense of responsibility for the people, environment, businesses, and infrastructure that hold the community together. We do this through the promotion of culture, arts, and creative endeavours for the community to share. With these skills, our students can face the world outside the walls of BRAA as more than just productive contributors, but as citizens who make an impact on the community – both local and global.

Foundation 3: The Engaging School

Why it matters: We teach our students how they can become future stewards of our planet and envision a great future – and then make it happen.

At BRAA, we encourage students to participate in self-reflective improvement exercises, with the aim of making real and impactful changes to the world around them. We start this process through our education and arts instruction, progressively adding more innovation into the programming as students work through it. The goal is to encourage students to engage in the environment they’re in – whether this is the school, the building, its resources, art, or each other. This provides an engaging experience for all involved and results in learners who can easily and nimbly adapt to their environment in the future regardless of how volatile, uncertain, complicated, and ambiguous it may be.

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How BRAA Supports Students

We do not expect students to incorporate the ACE values into their everyday learning without support. Our focus is on providing students with an environment that celebrates their creativity, curiosity, and desire for collaboration. Our teachers define who we are as a school, and it is their commitment to excellence, innovation and student development that distinguishes our community from others.

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