BRAA Dress Code/Uniform Policy

The BRAA uniform promotes equality among students and instills a sense of pride, uniting us as a school community.

Students enrolled at Burlington Royal Arts Academy are expected to adhere to the school dress code. Students are to be in proper school uniform at all times during the academic day unless permission is granted to not wear the uniform. In making the decision to attend Burlington Royal Arts Academy both students and parents have committed to comply with and support the school uniform policy.

BRAA School Uniform

The BRAA school uniform consists of:

  • A white or navy polo shirt with BPAA crest
  • A solid navy cardigan with BPAA crest
  • A solid white dress shirt with BRAA crest
  • A 2/4 zip solid navy sweat top with BPAA crest
  • Grey dress pants (purchased separately)

BRAA Dress Code

Complying with the School Dress Code

  • It is expected that students arrive at school and leave school in their proper uniform.
  • If desired, a *plain white t-shirt may be worn underneath a uniform dress shirt or polo shirt.
  • A uniform dress shirt or polo shirt must be worn underneath uniform sweaters or cardigans.
  • Hats, bandanas or similar headwear are not to be worn inside the school (religious exemptions will be made).
  • Jeans or jogging pants are NOT permitted.
  • Students not in proper uniform will report to the Principal and will not be permitted to class.

*Plain white means absolutely NO logos, sayings or graphics of any kind.

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