English as a Second Language Program

Honouring the unique experiences of students from all across the world is of utmost importance to BRAA and its English as a Second Language program.

ESL offers numerous opportunities for students to strengthen their knowledge of the English language while also sharing their own exciting languages and cultures. In ESL class students can expect to be part of a supportive classroom community, participate in interactive learning activities, experience Canadian holidays, events, and food, read a range of contemporary texts, write creatively and critically, and connect classroom learning to real-world applications.

Because of our school’s smaller class sizes, students are able to practice English frequently in a low-stress environment with the support and accountability of their peers and teacher. ESL is offered in different levels (from ESLAO to EO) to accommodate the needs of students.

Rebekka Gondosch

M.Phil., B.A., B.Ed., OCT
ESL Teacher

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