The Importance of Literacy, Language and the English Curriculum:

“Literacy is about more than reading or writing – it is about how we communicate in society. It is about social practices and relationships, about knowledge, language and culture. Those who use literacy take it for granted – but those who cannot use it are excluded from much communication in today’s world. Indeed, it is the excluded who can best appreciate the notion of “literacy as freedom”.”
– UNESCO, Statement for the United Nations Literacy Decade, 2003–2012

The following is an all-encompassing overview of why students take English from Grades 9-12 and what they will learn.  (ENG1D,2D,3C,3U,4C,4U)

The importance of language and literacy skills is crucial to the development of all students.  English courses at BRAA offer students the ability to engage in a wide variety of genres, learning experiences, reader’s theatre, writing workshops, public speaking workshops, media and presentation technologies, and all other literacy, language, and curriculum strands.  Students learn to engage verbally and in written format in a confident manner.