Welcome to the Mathematics Department at Burlington Royal Arts Academy. It is our intention to encourage all students to achieve the best possible grasp of mathematics of which they are capable. Our small class sizes allow our teachers to close any gaps students may have and allow enrichment in other areas.

Our Ministry of Education Math courses are designed to help students develop the mathematical skills required for the future. We hope to foster their appreciation and awareness of the importance of mathematics across the curriculum. Our ultimate goal is to inspire life-long learning and an appreciation of the power of mathematics.

The Mathematics Department not only follows the Ministry of Education curriculum but also provides enrichment activities (i.e. Math contests) for interested students. These rigorous course offerings are designed to prepare students for university and for their future careers.  We aim to nurture and develop the following amongst our students:

  • A positive attitude to mathematics
  • An awareness of the way mathematics is used in society
  • An ability to think mathematically and logically
  • A willingness and ability to work both independently and cooperatively
  • An ability to understand mathematical ideas and to communicate them effectively
  • A firm foundation for further study