Social Sciences & Humanities

The Ontario Grades 9 – 12 Social Sciences & Humanities curriculum reflects the value and importance for students to participate in the Social Studies and Humanities by noting the following information:

Students in social sciences and humanities develop a critical lens through which they can build their awareness of and make decisions with respect to critical issues in our increasingly complex, multifaceted, and diverse society. Study of this discipline helps to build understanding about individuals, families, and diverse groups – what people think, how they live, and how we all interact with one another and the world around us. Knowledge and understanding developed through the study of Social Sciences and Humanities can help inform discussion on critical social, cultural, economic, technological, environmental, and wellness issues and can provide a strong foundation for vibrant, healthy, and engaged citizenship.

Social Sciences and Humanities courses provide students with essential knowledge and transferable skills that are applicable in various areas of their lives – in their personal and the family lives as well as in their post-secondary studies and in the workplace. Individual courses provide students with a foundation for a variety of possible post-secondary destinations: positions in the retail and service industries; college programs in community services (e.g., Early Childhood Education, Child and Youth Work, and Developmental Services Work), creative endeavours (e.g., the fashion industry, fashion design, garment construction and food preparation), or business (e.g., human resources); and university programs in fields such as anthropology, business studies, education, environmental studies, family and child studies, food and nutrition sciences, gender studies, health sciences, human resources, philosophy, psychology, religious studies, social work, and sociology.