Acting – Afterschool Program

with Thomas Killip BFA/Bed/OTC
Starting Date: Monday, October 4th, 2021
Each Monday from 4:00pm-5:30pm
After School Programs in Arts for the Halton Community
8 Week Themed Courses, Once per week, Online or In-person 
Build your Arts Skills and Creative Portfolios at Burlington Royal Arts Academy

Week 1 – “Creating a Character Story” – Students will get the chance to create a Character and place it in their own narrative story. Using a generic piece of text students will make creative decisions and practice adding in their own subtext to make it come to life.

Week 2  – “Physical Theatre” – Students will develop an understanding of why warming-up is an important part of preparing for acting. We will look closely at finding the meaning behind character movement. As well as, using movement to tell a story in a performance/audition.

Week 3 – “Tactics” – Students will get the opportunity to discover the different elements of drama and how to use tactics. Students will be able to explore a particular piece of text by experimenting with different ways of saying… or not saying a line.

Week 4  – “Acting & Audition prep” – Students will get the chance to learn how to read sides for a T.V. Acting/Musical Theatre role.They will gain a better understanding of how text can be interpreted and how they can make bold choices in an audition room.

Week 5  – “The Speaking Voice in Performance” – Students will learn an understanding of their vocal sound. They will gain knowledge of the importance of warming-up and keeping their voices safe and healthy when performing. As well as maintaining a growth mindset on their vocal journey.

Week 6  – “Behind the Scenes of Performance” – Students will get a chance to look into what it takes to put on a performance. They will learn the different roles within stage management and the responsibilities of the stage hands and crew. Students will get to create their own set, show & costume designs.

Week 7  – “Creating in Theatre” – Students will learn how to organize and devise their own drama piece using text that resonates with them. They will learn how to give feedback and collaborate as creators/performers. Students will work together to design a concept for a performance.

Week 8  – “Taking the Stage” – Students will learn a scene from a popular Musical/Play, they will apply their acting skills to perform onstage to be recorded for family and friends to enjoy. Each performer will have the opportunity to give their direction/feedback to the piece.


Cost – $30 for each 90-minute lesson or $220 for the complete eight session program. Internal BRAA students may take this course for FREE!

*Introduce a friend and pay $25 each or $190 for the complete eight session program


To reserve a spot please contact BRAA