Audition/Portfolio Submissions


We welcome applications for the arts program at BRAA from seasoned artists as well as creative individuals with a passion for the arts. Student achievement and well-being are cornerstones of our program ensuring that students feel supported in a culturally diverse, rich learning environment.

    • Students should audition for ONE major but they are welcome to audition in more than one area.
    • To set up an audition or portfolio interview for BRAA in dance, drama, musical theatre, visual arts, media arts, please contact Nupi Gokhale, Artistic Director at
    • To set up an audition or portfolio interview for BRAA in instrumental music please contact Rupert Price, Artistic Director at
    • Please make sure that you have completed the Application Form, available from our Main Office OR on our website.
    • Be sure to refer to the specific audition/portfolio instructions for the MAJOR of your choice.
    • Feel free to contact us with any additional questions.

Students who intend to also apply for an arts scholarship should be aware that all scholarships are PARTIAL scholarships and are awarded from Feb-April. Additional spots may or may not be available after the scholarship application deadline.

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