Carlo Aspri was put on this earth for a reason, but he would have to survive years of pain and suffering before finding out his true purpose in life. Yet somewhere, stuffed in a drawer with other important papers, lay the scribbled notes taken by Carlo’s father during a reading with a local fortune teller. In those notes, the old woman foretold of Carlo’s struggles in life and his incredible gift. She knew his purpose, but Carlo would have to find out for himself.

Carlo is a true inspiration and example of perseverance. His message is simple—there is no obstacle you cannot overcome if you put your mind to it. He has proven that and wants to share his message of hope with anyone who will listen. His dream is to be a motivational speaker at hospitals, conferences and other venues in order to inspire other people to reach for the stars and to achieve their maximum potential.

Carlo Aspri is a successful singer, pianist, composer, author, and motivational speaker. The emotion and depth of Carlo’s music belie his young age. They speak also of an inspirational and triumphant life. He was born in Quebec, Canada in 1985 to an exceptionally strong, multi-generational musical family. Carlo taught himself piano at age eight and composed his first song Unforgettable Moments at age nine.

Carlo’s musicality finds its basis in a blending of cultures, instruments, and moods, often bringing together sounds as different as Pop, Rock, Dance, Techno, Contemporary, Blues, Classical piano, etc. Each sound, distinctive in origin and sentiment, is blended together to evoke the passion, complexity and romance of musical emotion. Carlo is most influenced by the works of The Beatles, Elton John, James Blunt, Celine Dion, BillyJoel and Ray Charles. Carlo is now working on releasing his music singles/albums in the ‘Pop/Contemporary genre.’

While prodigious in talent and musical experience, Carlo’s strength of character has also been tested. At age 17, he was diagnosed with malignant testicular cancer, only two months after the death of his very close friend. Carlo endured two surgeries and intense chemotherapy. Being told by doctors that he had little chance of survival, he turned to music and singing. Though bedridden and feeble, he continued to play piano and compose songs. Through the power of music, Carlo found hope and recovered completely.

After being declared cancer free, Carlo left Canada to go live in China (Beijing) in February 2008. He went alone! Notwithstanding the fact that Carlo did not know China’s culture nor its language, he managed to create a web of contacts in the Chinese music and movie communities, and established himself as a successful rising star in China. He performed in numerous important events and concerts, and participated in TV and radio shows, as well as being featured in magazines and giving interviews in China, Canada and USA. As a cancer survivor, Carlo has since performed at various fundraisers—particularly if they were linked to the cancer cause. He also enjoys playing music gigs and singing in clubs, as well as teaching music part-time to a handful of dedicated students.

Due to his unusual establishment in China (a 22 year old Canadian who left the comforts of home to go live and start a music career in a foreign country and totally different culture), the Chinese government made an exclusive 30 minute documentary about him.

Moreover, being a martial arts lover and having trained in Canada in kickboxing and Kung Fu, he went to the famous Shaolin Temple to train with the monks—an experience that he will never forget. After only one week of training with the Shaolin monks, the Grand Master offered to personally train him due to his extraordinary ability to learn.

His services have also been retained for the creation of songs for documentaries and short movies in China. Carlo produced and recorded a full CD of 11 instrumental songs (of which 9 songs are his own compositions) and an EP containing four instrumental compositions. Under the tutelage of Larry Harris (Casablanca Records- KISS, Donna Summer), Carlo began a singing career and composed and/or wrote numerous original compositions and songs.

On August 28, 2014, Carlo sang at the closing ceremonies of the 2014 Nanjing Youth Olympic Games before a crowd of over 62,000 spectators (an event that was viewed by an estimated 500 million people worldwide.) The games are an off-shoot of the International Olympic Games. Due to Carlo’s amazing life story and achievements, Carlo recently completed writing his autobiographical book ” Good Luck?…Bad Luck?…You’ll know Tomorrow “, an inspirational story he dedicates to all those who fight for what they love, regardless the hardships in life.