The Dance Program at BRAA will provide our students with an organic opportunity to develop technical training, expression, historical understanding of dance cultures as well as a focus on individual achievement.

All dance students will study theory, nutrition and anatomy to expand their understanding of dance, their role within the discipline and create future pathways through an educational framework.

In its initial stages, our Grade 9 Dance Program will allow opportunities for students with a dance background to continue to develop their ballet and modern dance skill set for credit. It will also provide opportunities for students without extensive training in dance to develop their own confidence in movement. Throughout this process BRAA is committed to providing our students with master-class opportunities with local professional dance artists.

As our program grows, BRAA will be able to offer senior dance credits in Composition (Choreography), Jazz, Modern, Musical Theatre and potentially Social Dance and/or Tap depending on student interest. For interested students we are also exploring the potential of offering R.A.D examinations in the future.

At BRAA we are preparing students to continue their study of the arts at the post-secondary level and in the professional community. Our aim is to provide opportunities for dance students to build upon their extra-curricular dance training amongst other creative artists who are self-disciplined and share an appreciation for the arts. We also want to give opportunities to students who demonstrate an aptitude for dance but have not yet pursued it seriously.