Instrumental Music

The Music Program at BRAA will provide students with an appreciation and deepened commitment to music. Our educational approach will be to provide balance between performance (ensemble/solo), technical skill, theory and music history. In the teaching of theory and music history students will receive a pedagogical framework that is similar to the Royal Conservatory of Music curriculum.

In its initial stages our Grade 9 program will focus on developing a disciplined practice schedule for skilled performers who already have extensive training on an instrument of choice. In addition, students who are relatively new to instrumental music will be aided in selecting and developing a skill set for a chosen instrument. Our aim would be to have enough students to develop a strong ensemble core. We are committed through a partnership with “Burlington Symphony Orchestra” to provide youth opportunities to students in ensemble orchestras in the event that we are not able to provide ensemble opportunities in our initial stages. We know that large ensembles nurture the talents of our musicians.

As our program grows, students in the Instrumental Music Program will be given opportunities to take credit courses in Repertoire, Strings, Brass, Guitar, Stage Band, and Composition.

Our aim is that through our program students will develop an aptitude in instrumental music that will enhance their overall education. Master-class artists in the classroom and guest workshops will provide our students with enriching opportunities to develop their post-secondary audition techniques. Along the way, BRAA is committed to finding performance opportunities for our music students in community and professional venues in the Halton region.