Visual Arts

The Visual Arts Program at BRAA will provide our students with the foundations for further study. Students will become familiar with the elements and principles of design and the expressive qualities of various materials by using a range of media, processes, techniques, and styles.

As guided by their instructor, they will explore the definition of visual arts and develop problem solving skills. Critique and analysis are pivotal foundations for practicing artists in discussing their own work and the work of others. In this course, students will learn a variety of methods of expression with the goal of effectively communicating their idea.

In its initial stages our Grade 9 program will allow students who have artistic training to continue their art practice through individualized instruction. It will also allow students interested in visual art to explore what ‘visual art’ means to them through a solid introduction to the principles of art design and practice.

As our program grows BRAA will be able to offer senior visual arts credits in Ceramics, Fashion and Textile, Drawing and Painting, Sculpture, Photography, Film/Video and Visual Design depending on student interest.

At BRAA we are preparing students to continue their study of the arts at the post-secondary level and in the professional community. Our aim is to provide opportunities for visual arts students through master classes and workshops that will allow them to develop a strong portfolio for post-secondary applications and allow them to build a network of artists to call upon as needed.