Vocal Music

The Vocal Music Program at BRAA will provide students with an appreciation and commitment to voice. Our educational approach will be to provide balance between performance (ensemble/solo), technical skill, theory and music history. In the teaching of theory and music history students will receive a pedagogical framework that is similar to the Royal Conservatory of Music curriculum.

In its initial stages, the Grade 9 Vocal Music Program will focus on student proficiency in voice training, accommodating those students at various performance levels. As stated in the Ministry curriculum, Creation, Theory and Analysis will frame the program structure. Students will gain experience through experimenting with breathing, diction, range, projection, intonation, ear training and sight-singing. Theory will include instruction in symbols, concepts and conventions used in vocal music. Students are encouraged to audition for community performance opportunities. Master class artists in the classroom and guest workshops will provide our students with enriching opportunities to develop their post-secondary audition techniques.

As our program grows, students of the BRAA Vocal Music Program will be given opportunities to intensify their focused study through senior credits in Vocal Jazz and Music Theatre courses depending on student interest. We encourage Vocal Music students to take Grade 9 and 10 Dramatic Arts to develop parallel acting, voice and movement skills to support their study of vocal music.

Our aim is that many of our creative students will choose to deepen their understanding of the arts through a focus on music. Students will be equipped with strong techniques in voice, voice control, breathing, confidence, gesture, non-verbal communication and movement that will enhance their abilities in other art forms. At BRAA we are preparing students to continue their study of the arts at the post-secondary level and within the professional community.