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Message from Head of School, Geoff Tiller



Burlington Royal Arts Academy is Academically Rooted & Arts Focused

Arts Program

Our campus experience provides unique, hands-on instruction in many arts disciplines. Our courses are taught by industry professionals who have a passion for teaching and sharing their own artistic journeys with our students.

Visual Arts

The Visual Arts Program at BRAA will provide our students with the foundations for further study. Students will become familiar with the elements and principles of design and the expressive qualities of various materials by using a range of media, processes, techniques, and styles.

Media Arts

The Media Arts Program at BRAA will provide students with a wide range of choices including but not limited to Animation Studies, Film & Video, and Photography.


The Music Program at BRAA will provide students with an appreciation and deepened commitment to music. Our educational approach will be to provide balance between performance (ensemble/solo), technical skill, theory and music history. In the teaching of theory and music history students will receive a pedagogical framework that is similar to the Royal Conservatory of Music curriculum.

Dramatic Arts

The Dramatic Arts Program at BRAA will provide students with a disciplined training in character development, voice and movement.


The Dance Program at BRAA will provide our students with an organic opportunity to develop technical training, expression, historical understanding of dance cultures as well as a focus on individual achievement.


Business Studies Program

The Business Studies program comprises a set of interrelated courses that extend and deepen students’ understanding and skills in these critical areas as they progress through the grades, enabling them to apply relevant concepts and skills to a broad range of business-related issues and problems. Recognizing links between these five areas of study strengthens students’ understanding of theory and of successful practice in the world of business. Although the specific content of courses changes from subject to subject and grade to grade, the focus on the five critical areas remains consistent throughout the Business Studies curriculum and lends continuity to student learning.


What makes Burlington Royal Arts Academy students stand out?

  • Surrounded by other similar thinking creative minds.
  • Availability of one-on-one private instruction for any student pursuing an artistic pathway.
  • Course selections in many arts disciplines.
  • Small class sizes which allow our faculty to work closely with students on their artistic journey.
  • Master classes with guest artists and industry experts.
  • “Out of Classroom Experiences” that are specifically tailored to expand student understanding of art.
  • Valuable industry networking through our faculty instructors.
  • The incorporation of post-secondary audition preparation and portfolio building for all senior classes.
  • Cross-curricular arts applications in Science, Canadian and World Studies, English and Business.
  • After school programs available in music, dance, musical theatre, choir, photography and visual arts to support learning.
  • Evening workshops with guest artists that are free to our students, their family and friends and to our community. It is our way of supporting youth in the Halton Arts Community.
  • Performance opportunities.
  • Opportunities to compete in local, regional and national competitions.
  • Newly developed media arts programming and a selection of courses rarely offered at larger schools. Students participate in developing their own artistic pathway by suggesting focused courses that they want to take.
  • Individual counseling by our teachers to help students achieve their academic goals and selection of best possible post-secondary institution.
  • Two dedicated and experienced Artistic Directors who are here to listen, act and serve each student’s individual needs.


100% University Acceptance Rate



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