Arts Focused School vs Traditional School: How to Choose?

Parents of students who wish to pursue an arts-related career might find themselves confused when it comes to choosing the right school that prepares their kids for their preferred future. Choosing between a conventional or traditional school or an arts-focused school can be confounding—understandably so. However, choosing the right type of schooling for your kids is an important decision, and understanding the differences between traditional schooling and an arts-focused school can help you make an informed choice. Generally speaking, a traditional school will offer your child more exposure to people and experiences unrelated to arts. This could be valuable, but

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What Does it Mean to Attend an Arts-Academic-Based High School?

What Does it Mean to Attend an Arts-Academic-Based High School? You want what’s best for your child, including choosing the best high school. However, for some parents that choice can be tough, especially when it comes to choosing an academic-arts-focused high school. Don’t worry. At Burlington Royal Arts Academy, we understand that choosing the right high school is a big decision. We also know that some parents might wonder if art school is worth it. Let Burlington Royal Arts Academy (BRAA) take the stress out of deciding. We can help you understand what makes our academic-arts-focused high school the right

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