Our A.C.E. After School Program has launched!

Launching three 8-week afterschool programs, with more on the horizon!

Through the Burlington Royal Arts Academy, students now have an opportunity to not only build their skills, but also build their portfolios. With the launch of our Afterschool Program, we welcome all high school students, BRAA-enrolled or not, to come and develop your creative skills!

This program encompasses a broad range of focus areas, such as in Graphic Design, Musical Theatre, and Photography & Film Media. Keep your eyes open for future offerings, such as in Animation, Illustration and more!

Each week of our professionally designed programs can be done individually to add to a student’s repertoire and portfolio. Students can choose to register in a program’s full 8-week runtime, or participate in individual sessions, choosing the subjects that are of most interest to them. The cost is $30 for each 90-min lesson, or $220 for a complete eight session program.

We are Covid-19 experienced and offer both a safe and professional environment for students. These programs are offered online or in-person in our custom classrooms.

What students do outside of school hours is just as important to their development, and BRAA wants to offer afterschool options for students to grow and spread their artistic and creative wings!

Find more information on our Community Program page.


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