Haisam Zahid

Mathematics & Science Teacher

Haisam is an OCT certified teacher. He attended The University of Western Ontario where he received a Bachelor of Science degree in the fields of Biology and Medical sciences. He then earned his B.Ed degree from The University of Toronto, specializing in teaching Math and Sciences at the high school level. Haisam has had the pleasure of teaching several grades ranging from 9 to 12 thus far which has allowed him to hone his approach to education considerably.

As a teacher, he strives to inspire and instill within the students the desire to seek excellence in everything in life and make education as novel a life experience as it can be. He adheres to the philosophy that in order for one to learn something, it must be practically experienced with training, purpose and belief.

Haisam is passionate about healthy living, sports, and music. He has been wrestling since high school and avidly trains boxing and mixed martial arts. As a teacher, he seeks to be an advocate of one of our greatest wealth, our health. As a musician, Haisam also enjoys singing, playing the guitar, and classical music on the piano.

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