Mark Terpstra

B.A.Econ, B.A.Com, M.A.Econ

Economics Teacher

Mark graduated from McMaster University with a Combined Honours Bachelor of Arts degree in both Communications and Economics. He then pursued a Masters degree in Economics, specializing in Policy. He is passionate about economics, teaching, reading, music, and sports. Currently, he is the Grade 12 Economics teacher at BRAA, and when he is not doing this, he is an Educational Research Assistant and Course Developer for the Department of Economics at McMaster University.

As a teacher at BRAA, he prioritizes bringing out the best in his students, ensuring that they are prepared for university, college, or the workforce with the skills they need to succeed. As a firm believer that you should never go a day without learning something new, Mark uses this mindset when developing lessons that will help students realize the applicability of their education in the real world.