Vicki Dempsey

BJus, BEd, JP(Qual), QCT, OCT

Social Sciences Teacher & Guidance/Career Counsellor

Vicki is a career educator who has taught in Australia, the Middle East and Canada. Vicki’s experience in Social Science, Humanities, Law and English classrooms is extensive and she strives to support the unique needs of all her students by getting to know them and by fostering a growth mindset in a positive and productive classroom environment.

As a curriculum expert, Vicki is skilled in bringing courses to life in a way that is meaningful and relevant to students in 2021. Teaching at BRAA in the field of Social Sciences she is committed to building lifelong learners who are able to meet the challenges of an ever changing, globalized society.

With an undergraduate degree from Australia’s Queensland University of Technology in Justice Studies, Vicki returned to complete her postgraduate studies in Education. She commenced her career in the private education sector before working at one of Queensland’s highest performing public secondary schools. After many years living in Dubai and with lots of travel adventures under her belt, she moved to Canada to continue her career in 2019.

Skilled in supporting students both academically and personally, Vicki also serves the BRAA community in her role as Guidance/Career Counsellor.

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