Make a Film! – Afterschool Program

with Sophia Zhang, B.A.
Starting Date: Monday, October 4th, 2021
Each Monday from 4:00pm-5:30pm
After School Programs in Arts for the Halton Community
8 Week Themed Courses, Once per week, Online or In-person 
Build your Arts Skills and Creative Portfolios at Burlington Royal Arts Academy

Week 1 – “Storytelling Structure” – The class will introduce the structure of storytelling. The universal concepts of storytelling like character, action, conflict, suspense, tension, dialogue, detail, twist, climax, sacrifice…… will be explained. Clips from class films will be utilized to illustrate the concepts presented. Students will begin to conceive their story ideas and write it as a short paragraph.

Week 2  – “Script Writing” – This lesson focuses on teaching script writing and will offer a short script as an example to read and watch the film in class. Students will be required to write a script follow the industry format. They may choose to write a fantasy or ghost or thriller…… film under teacher’s supervise and consider the production condition like characters and scenes, animation technic, time, space, etc..

Week 3  – “Pitch & Preproduction” – Students will pitch their scripts in class. They will select one script and make a crew position. The teacher will introduce each position’s job and analysis the script with students, breaking down the script into film-able pieces, pre-visualizing the film, shot selection, brainstorming about story board, animation design, sound design, and production design of the film.

Week 4  – “Directing & Acting” – Introduce the two steps of director and actor’s cooperation: Audition/Casting; Directing Actors. Share a short script as an example to guide students designing based on floor plan, stage pictures, block and shot list. Practice BLRS process: Block, Light, Rehearsal, Shoot. Emphasis action axis, transition, continuity, motivated camera movement. Students will be required to make a director’s vision, floor plan and shot list for their script as a group together.

Week 5  – “Rehearsal & Shooting” – Introduce how to use film equipment. Students will use camera to shoot, write slate to count time and hold boom to record sound. They will use their knowledge of shot sizes, shot types and camera movements to film, practice sound recording skills, act some interesting characters and direct a film. They can rotate some roles they want to take during rehearsal and then take one role to make a formal shooting on set. May use IstopMotion or green screen during shooting. Every student will select 1-2 fixed position as their closing film credit.

Week 6  – “Image Editing” – Overview of editing images needed for a film, whether it is within the film itself or a poster to advertise the film.

Week 7  – “Captioning Editing” – Overview of writing, creating and editing captioning for your film.

Week 8  – “Sound Editing” – Overview of sound editing for your film, including topics such as sound effects, music, voice-over, etc. 


Cost – $30 for each 90-minute lesson or $220 for the complete eight session program. Internal BRAA students may take this course for FREE!

*Introduce a friend and pay $25 each or $190 for the complete eight session program


To reserve a spot please contact BRAA