Musical Theatre – Afterschool Program


Musical Theatre

with Dakota Stevenson BFA/Bed/OTC
Starting Date: Wednesday April 21st, 2021
Each Wednesday from 4:00-5:30pm
After School Programs in Arts for the Halton Community
8 Week Themed Courses, Once per week, Online or In-person 
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Week 1 (Apr. 21) – “Exploring Musical Theatre” – This is an introduction to musical theatre. This class will give the students a full understanding of the elements that are used to create a musical, as we dive into dance, drama, and music. We will also physically explore the work of significant musical theatre professionals.

Week 2 (Apr. 28) – “Movement in Musical Theatre” – Students will develop an understanding of why warming-up is an important part of preparing for a dance rehearsal/performance. We will focus on finding the meaning behind the character’s movement. Discover the connection between character and movement, emotion and movement and song and movement.

Week 3 (May 5) – “Acting/Singing in Musical Theatre” – Students will work with a piece of text/lyrics and analyze it to understand the character’s given circumstances and objectives. They will learn techniques to deepen the characters they portray. As well as tools to memorize monologues and songs.

Week 4 (May 12) – “Music in Musical Theatre” – Students will learn how the tone of the music can affect a scene. They will gain a better understanding of how music can be interpreted differently to an audience and how to use the music to best portray/emphasize the emotion and story behind it.

Week 5 (May 19) – “Voice in Musical Theatre” – Students will learn a basic understanding of voice and singing. They will gain knowledge of the importance of warming-up and keeping their voices safe and at their fullest potential. Students will develop skills in stage presents with confidence.

Week 6 (May 26) – “Behind the Scenes of Musical Theatre” – Students will gain an understanding of what it takes to put on a musical. They will learn the different roles within the cast and crew. We will be focusing on aspects of costume, set and lighting design.

Week 7 (June 2) – “Directing in Musical Theatre” – Students will learn how to keep a director’s notebook by analyzing a piece of work. They will understand how to give feedback and direction to their performers. Students will collaborate to create a design concept for a musical.

Week 8 (June 9) – “Taking the Stage” – Students will learn a scene from a popular musical and apply their musical theatre skills to perform onstage to be recorded for family and friends to enjoy. Each performer will have the opportunity to give their direction/feedback to the piece.


Cost – $30 for each 90-minute lesson or $220 for the complete eight session program.

*Introduce a friend and pay $25 each or $190 for the complete eight session program


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