Photography, Film and Media – Afterschool Program

Photography, Film and Media

with Joginder Singh B.Arch
Starting Date: Friday, April 23rd, 2021
Each Friday from 4:00-5:30pm
After School Programs in Arts for the Halton Community
8 Week Themed Courses, Once per week, Online or In-person 
Build your Arts Skills and Creative Portfolios at Burlington Royal Arts Academy

Week 1 (Apr. 23) – “Image Manipulation on a Smartphone” – Aiming to teach students what to do with their images after it has been shot: exposure corrections, adding filters and the rationale behind these, creating mirror art through multiple copies of the same image layered to alter perception and meaning, and other image manipulation skills!

Week 2 (Apr. 30) – “Improving Photographic Composition” – Understanding the various elements of Visual Language and using them effectively to improve composition. Using apps to learn to crop for an effective composition. This is relevant for both photography and video and will explore aspect ratios for both mediums.

Week 3 (May 7) – “Fundamentals of Portraiture” – Students will learn the basics of creating a successful portrait using window lighting.

Week 4 (May 14) – “Time-lapse on a Phone” – Understanding how images shot at regular intervals, sequences, and played back can convey the essence of time and space. Creating and editing time-lapse imagery. This forms the precursor to moviemaking.

Week 5 (May 21) – “Recording and Editing Audio” – Creating an audio story. Trimming various audio clips and joining them to create meaning. Understanding the layers of a podcast/audio essay. Understanding ambient vs. created sounds. Juxtaposing sounds for impact. This would form the audio precursor to moviemaking.

Week 6 (May 28) – “Moviemaking on a Phone” – Understanding the structure of the short film: shooting clips, trimming clips, understanding frame rates, getting good audio, etc. Recording and saving footage. Adding text and titles. Understanding the focal length of the phone lens and working within its limitations.

Week 7 (June 4) – “Editing movies on a Phone” – Overview of timelines and creating a story map. Joining clips, adding transitions, layering audio: creating a film! Will include peer review of films.

Week 8 (June 11) – “Portfolio Development” – Selecting and editing content. Categorizing, Editing, Sequencing: how ordering images changes the meaning and impact of a portfolio. Why should a particular image be included? What aspects of the work does the image convey? Also includes learning to write an Artist Statement and breaking down its fundamentals.


Cost – $30 for each 90-minute lesson or $220 for the complete eight session program.

*Introduce a friend and pay $25 each or $190 for the complete eight session program


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