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Art-academic Focused High School in Burlington, Ontario


The Burlington Royal Arts is the only arts-academic focused private high school in Burlington, Ontario.  It is the philosophy and purpose of the BRAA to provide an education for students with strong potential and diverse backgrounds who may be expected to assume positions of responsibility and leadership in a rapidly changing world. Through our small classes, creative teaching, and an approach which emphasizes the process of learning, we seek to discover unique aptitudes and awaken the intellectual curiosity of every student at our school. Here are five reasons why the Burlington Royal Arts Academy should be your top choice for education.

why choose braa

Art Focused

We offer students opportunities to stretch their creativity while showcasing and developing their talents. 

Diversity and Inclusion

With local and international students, we emphasize teaching and practicing cross-cultural effectiveness skills, learning about one’s own and other cultures through cultural self-awareness and intelligence.

Small Class Sizes

With a 6:1 student to teacher ratio, we believe quality education is best accomplished in a small environment where students are able to engage in thoughtful conversations with their peers and develop meaningful relationships with their teachers.


We have successfully learned how to think on our feet when unexpected changes occur. Adapting to new norms, adjusting plans, and creatively utilizing our resources have become a distinctive part of the Burlington Royal Arts Academy community.


The Burlington Royal Arts Academy recognizes that no one family is the same and is committed to meeting each student’s particular needs

100% Acceptance Rate

Looking back to BRAA's history,  we achieved a 100% university acceptance rate. A lot of our students are accepted by world-renowned universities. 

Graduate Testimonials

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