Our location is nestled in the heart of a welcoming, mature neighborhood within the City of Burlington, Ontario, Burlington Royal Arts Academy is minutes from public transportation and walking distance to the Burlington GO Station.

We have a fully renovated facility, state of the art dance studio, and 12 individual music playing rooms which are unique features of our school.




Meet our Students

My experiences at Burlington Royal Arts Academy have been wonderful. There is always a positive and unique atmosphere in each classroom that keeps you engaged. My learning experiences have been equally challenging and free flowing. Having relatively small class sizes is definitely a positive since there is more of a one-on-one interaction with teachers allowing for a more personal learning experience. Having an arts-focused academic program encourages creative opportunities and healthy self-expression. Being around a variety of artistic genres creates a comprehensive environment for friendships and new experiences.

-Sofia Paravinja

I love being a student at Burlington Royal Arts Academy because of the very positive environment. Amazing students and teachers and the art programs are also fantastic. I have only been going to BRAA for a year and I wake up everyday excited to go to school and learn. Every day is a new adventure with learning a new form of art or in the academic classes we all participate in. This school has also opened my eyes to different opportunities career wise and has put me in a direction to pursue my dreams and to succeed. BRAA is a place of happiness, a place of growth, and a place to follow your dreams.

-Katrina Robar

I felt very comfortable to study in BRAA. The teachers here are always supporting and helping me to adapt in the school and achieve my goals. The most useful things I learnt in BRAA are not just knowledge and also how to connect with people and respect each other.

-Abel Li

I am very happy to be the first graduate of BRAA. During the one and a half years here, I have not only been exposed to different cultures, but also grown a lot in my major. The teachers here are very professional and patient, especially in some places I don’t understand very well, they will explain very carefully. It helps me a lot as an international student.

-Barry Feng (Graduate 2020 BRAA)

My name is Julia and I have been studying in Canada for 3 years. As a first language is not an English student, I really love to being here because I'm feeling that the school is a whole community and a whole family. I feel I’m really getting into this community and I am a part of this big family. All the teachers and students are kind, friendly, hardworking, positive and powerful. I used to study in an all-girl catholic school, all the program they provide are only for students who are going to be a scientist or managers. They don’t offer programs for art students. However, I found art programs in BRAA. They provide lots of art courses for students who are going to choose art as their major in university. They also provide normal courses like business, biology, math, and computer science. This school has a strong teacher program, they helped students to choose where they want to go and what they want to be. Although this school is a small school, I never feel that I have been ignored by somebody. Teachers are paying more attention to you and they care about you more.

-Julia Zhou