The Royal Arts Difference

The difference between BRAA and many other institutions is that our elective credit pedagogical focus is the ARTS.

Upon completing the registration process, arts students are required to select a major. Arts students are eligible for scholarships upon meeting the application criteria. In a time when many schools are forced to collapse arts programming to meet provincially mandated caps, our philosophy remains to provide as many arts-based experiences to our students as possible. As long as we can maintain a small number of registrations, at BRAA we have the flexibility to support specific artistic interests that are rarely available at other institutions of learning. Music and Computers (a digital recording course), Animation Credits (at three grade levels) that prepare post-secondary portfolios, Film & Video and a four-year dance program are just a few examples of how we stand apart from other schools. In future years, our goal is to offer full year arts programming for our students.

At Burlington Royal Arts Academy, we also offer a variety of after school programs for students in many different artistic areas. By incorporating suggestions and ideas from our student body we are able to provide after-school programming and clubs that are both engaging and creative.

Students from other schools are welcome to enroll in both our after school/evening/weekend credit program OR our regular group or private lesson programming.