The Foundational Values of BRAA

Burlington Royal Arts Academy is committed to providing outstanding learning opportunities for our students to develop and demonstrate Academic and Artistic excellence. Our school places a strong emphasis on citizenship and character education, developing confidence and independence in our students as they transform into global citizens. At BRAA we understand the importance of providing a supportive and stimulating learning environment for all of our students. We are committed to the intellectual, artistic, altruistic, and personal development of each student.

Mentorship, Engagement, Citizenship, Collaboration and Altruism.
Through the values of the A.C.E. program

Activity. Creativity. Engagement.

Foundations 1. A. The Active Student:
Altruistic Student Education Fostering Excellence in Academics, Arts and Activities
The development of an active altruistic citizen involves engaging in ethical learning through mentorship and equitable collaboration with the application of a system of holistic learning. Each day we strive to inspire each student to immerse into an ethical education while supportively nurturing and fostering success, independence, responsibility, and self-confidence for their personal and collaborative journey. A journey that will allow them to contribute to and benefit the development of all humanity with the transferable skills that they develop. Skills that will allow for flexibility in adaptation to multi-situational scenarios that a global internationally-minded citizen needs to make a positive impact in a rapidly changing world. Our student’s engagement in an immersive and altruistic and artistic-academic high school education helps to develop their humanity, educating the mind and body through cognitive, physical, social, and emotional activities leading to self-improvement and well-being.

Foundation 2. C. The Creative Community:
Creating co-operative Community Connections with Caring Citizenship
Further develop strong and symbiotically supportive relationships with the local and extended community of Burlington and the Halton Region, thus ensuring that we continue to nurture positive connections that uphold our valued place as a community partner. Continuing to grow the school as a hub for creative community groups and artistic endeavors that help to promote culture and social well-being in the city of Burlington. Student citizens of our school community will continue to create and promote positive connections of good citizenship when travelling nationally or internationally as ambassadors of the school’s values. Values that represent the foundations of the very nature of a healthy supportive community through its social support and positive engagement with others. Our graduates will exercise the moral values with a growth-mindset. Values that are ever more necessary for acceptance into institutions of further education and into the changing global workforce as it adapts to an ethical mandate for the safeguarding of the worldwide community.

Foundation 3. E. The Engaging School:
The Engaging Learning Environment of the School; The Building and its Resources
The school continues to maintain excellence in the classroom by its continuous process of improvement and growth through the hiring and retaining of excellent, experienced, and diverse educators with an international focus. This serves to enhance and promote an engaging and positive learning environment for all. The Burlington Royal Arts Academy community further demonstrates a commitment to the natural environment through a self-reflective improvement process. A process that through interdisciplinary teaching and learning introduces meaningful programming with progressively more ecological systems and innovations in the curriculum and into the building. We aim to teach our students how they can become future stewards of our planet and envision a great future.