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Practice Your Art at Halton's ONLY Arts-Academic Private High School


Artistic &
Focused School

The Burlington Royal Arts Academy (BRAA) is a private high school offering provincial academic curriculum, with a focus on an extensive Arts program designed for Grades 9 to 12.


We encourages and fosters learning in a creative, supportive and challenging environment. With a focus on developing each student’s passion for the arts while achieving academic excellence, BRAA strives to inspire and educate students, giving them the best tools and preparation for successful post-secondary education.


In order to accomplish this mission, the Burlington Royal Arts Academy will:

Provide an atmosphere where young people are encouraged to set goals and take risks

Surround our students with a staff of qualified teachers and inspiring professional artists

Provide quality learning and performance opportunities in academics and the arts

Guide and assists our students on a path to post-secondary education

Encourage our students to commit to a high level of self-expectation and life-long learning

Inspire our students to become exceptional artists and students


The difference between BRAA and many other institutions is that our elective credit pedagogical focus is the ARTS.

Upon completing the registration process, arts students are required to select a major. Arts students are eligible for scholarships upon meeting the application criteria. In a time when many schools are forced to collapse arts programming to meet provincially mandated caps, our philosophy remains to provide as many arts-based experiences to our students as possible. As long as we can maintain a small number of registrations, at BRAA we have the flexibility to support specific artistic interests that are rarely available at other institutions of learning. Music and Computers (a digital recording course), Animation Credits (at three grade levels) that prepare post-secondary portfolios, Film & Video and a four-year dance program are just a few examples of how we stand apart from other schools. In future years, our goal is to offer full year arts programming for our students.

At Burlington Royal Arts Academy, we also offer a variety of after school programs for students in many different artistic areas. By incorporating suggestions and ideas from our student body we are able to provide after-school programming and clubs that are both engaging and creative.

Students from other schools are welcome to enroll in both our after school/evening/weekend credit program 

OR our regular group or private lesson programming.

Visual Arts


The Visual Arts Program at BRAA will provide our students with the foundations for further study. Students will become familiar with the elements and principles of design and the expressive qualities of various materials by using a range of media, processes, techniques, and styles.

Media Arts

The Media Arts Program will provide students with a wide range of choices including but not limited to Animation Studies, Film & Video and Photography.

Dramatic Arts

The Dramatic Arts Program at BRAA will provide students with a disciplined training in character development, voice and movement.

Instrumental Music

The Music Program will provide students with an appreciation and deepened commitment to music. Our educational approach will be to provide balance between performance (ensemble/solo), technical skill, theory and music history.


The Dance Program will provide our students with an organic opportunity to develop technical training, expression, historical understanding of dance cultures as well as a focus on individual achievement.


Vocal Music

 Our educational approach will be to provide balance between performance (ensemble/solo), technical skill, theory and music history. In the teaching of theory and music history students will receive a pedagogical framework that is similar to the Royal Conservatory of Music curriculum.


Frequently Asked Questions

The choice between Burlington private schools and public schools is quite personal to families. However, the annual Frasier Institute school rankings have consistently shown that the highest ranked schools are generally private schools.

The Royal Arts Academy is one of the top private schools in Burlington. It is also the only arts-focused, academically rooted high school in Burlington. If you wish your child to follow their passion for creative arts, a private school with an extensive arts program like ours could be an ideal choice.  

Our arts-focused syllabus for Grades 9 to 12 helps students explore various creative and visual arts. Students inclined towards particular arts can choose additional subjects to further their craft, learn from the masters, and get multiple opportunities to showcase their skills to the world.

Being one of the best schools in Burlington, we do offer scholarships to talented students from various backgrounds. A scholarship to private schools in Oakville might be rare, but we believe in promoting talent and creating a diverse learning environment for our students.

Our school provides various types of scholarships and academic aids depending on students’ interests and requirements. Get in touch to know more about our scholarship program for the only arts-focussed private school in Halton Region.

We are one of the highly rated Halton secondary schools, and we have maintained this position by ensuring an optimal teacher-to-student ratio.

Unlike some other Ontario high schools, we only admit 7-10 students per class to ensure maximum student-teacher interaction and provide specialized attention to each student attending the Royal Arts Academy private school in Burlington.

The Royal Arts Academy is an art-focussed high school in Burlington that offers in-depth music, visual arts, media arts, drama, music, and theatre courses. The school runs a provincial curriculum along with various art-based programs for Grades 9 – 12. 

The programs are designed to provide students with the foundations for further study. While the initial stages of the arts-focussed program will help students explore their interests and talent, in the later stages, they will be provided with specialized training from experts and rare opportunities to showcase their talent to the world.

Our school aims to give the children the best options and training to spread their wings in the creative and performing arts world.

We are an arts-focused private high school in Burlington. We have a dual focus – to support high-quality learning and to provide students the opportunity to explore their creative side to find programs that match their skills and interest.

By giving students exposure to art, we help them develop their lateral thinking and develop their creativity. Learning these skills improves problem-solving and helps children to think out of the box. Even if they don’t want to pursue a career in arts, building these skills is also the foundation of a successful career in any other field.

We organize a lot of artistic activities as part of the curriculum to enable a sense of wonder and joy in students, motivating them to look beyond academics and live a more fulfilling life.