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Choosing a school for your teen is one of the most important decisions you can make as a parent. As part of this journey, you’ve likely been researching private schools in Burlington Ontario and have landed here, on our website. Firstly, welcome! Pull up a chair and let’s chat a bit. You may find yourself wondering just exactly what the benefits of attending a visual arts school are. When looking at private schools in Burlington Ontario, why consider and arts focused school over a more “traditional” approach?When it comes to giving your teen a personalized advantage in the real world, there’s nothing better than an arts focused private schooling experience to get them started.

At Burlington Royal Arts Academy we believe strongly in the education and development of the whole student. We believe strongly in the power of the arts to connect the dots, create deeper learning, build esteem and self confidence as teens develop into self governing adults in the world. All critical skills as we grow and move forward into our future.

How does Burlington Royal Arts Academy Support Goal Setting?

As a leading private school in Burlington Ontario for visual arts, media arts, music and performing arts, Burlington Royal Arts Academy encourages and fosters academic learning in a creative, supportive, and challenging environment. We push our students to set and then reach appropriate, meaningful and personal academic achievement in all pursuits. Goals are set individually in consultation with staff and students to identify student interests, possible pathways and to curate appropriate learning experiences.

Why Do We Focus on Goal Setting?

When a goal is set, there is immediately an incentive because simply reaching a goal is intrinsically rewarding. This is especially true when the goal is personally appropriate, meaningful and directed related to a long term focus. Here at Burlington Royal Arts Academy, we focus on a range of different ways of goal setting (academic, professional, personal, internal and external) because it ensures that our students have something to aim for that not only means something to them on a deep level but is also directly connected to a bigger picture that they have direct ownership of.

Why is goal setting so important? What does it teach students?

Goal Setting Inspires Creative Thinking: When our students set goals, they do not always have a clear idea of how they will achieve them. Without a clear-cut path or pre-determined process to follow, students must think outside of the box and take creative and innovative leaps to meet their goals. The ability to think creatively is a key ingredient for a successful future outside of school. We support our students in both setting and reaching goals, so they experience success early. This gives them the confidence to continue to set and go after even loftier goals next time.

Goal Setting Teaches Valuable Lessons about Failure: Great leaders need to frame mistakes and setbacks as opportunities to learn and grow. When students are engaged in continual goal setting, testing ideas and taking action along with self reflection, students begin to see “set backs” as part of the growth process. We support our students to take a step back from perceived “failure” and ask instead “what am I learning here?” As part of this process, students are guided to reflect and redirect their efforts and intention to bring them closer to their goals.

How does Burlington Royal Arts Academy Incorporate Goal Setting within the Arts?

At Burlington Royal Arts Academy, we don’t just build goal setting into our academic programming. It’s also at the base of our arts programming. We train our students to reach beyond the status quo, and we expect that they’ll reach for the stars both on and off the stage – whatever that looks like for them. We inspire our learners to inspire others through art and performance. We give them the goal-setting tools they need to continue challenging themselves to raise the bar long after they leave BRAA.

If your teen can dream it, we support it. Whether your teen wants to be a lawyer, teacher, doctor, principal ballet dancer, or actor, we support and guide them on the path they choose so that they can reach their highest potential. Our students have full access to a supportive team of academic professionals. We are as invested in your child’s goal as they are. When they succeed, we succeed.

Trust Burlington Royal Arts Academy with Your Student’s Future

Choosing to send your teen to a private school in Burlington Ontario is a big decision! Deciding whether to attend a school with an arts focus is another choice to make, one that comes down to the preferences, needs and goals of your family and teen. To learn more about what we do here at Burlington Royal Arts Academy book a tour! We host tours year round (yes, this includes summer!) and they are a great way to learn about our vision, our programming and what your educational pathway might look like here with us.