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Perhaps you’re wondering how sending your child to art school will benefit them later in life. When it comes to giving your child a lifetime advantage in the real world, there’s nothing better than an arts-academic-focused education to get them started. Why? Because we do not just teach academics and we don’t just teach art. We built our academic-arts-focused programming on a foundation of excellence that encourages students to set the bar higher and higher and then achieve their goals. When it comes to the world outside of high school goal setters and goal getters achieve and go beyond their highest potential.

Is art-academic-focused education the right choice for shaping tomorrow’s leaders, innovators, and changemakers? It is when you choose Burlington Royal Arts Academy (BRAA).

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How does a BRAA Inspire Academic Goal Setting?

The Burling Royal Arts Academy (BRAA) encourages and fosters academic learning in a creative, supportive, and challenging environment. We push our students to set and then reach high academic standing in all pursuits.

Why Does BRAA Focus on Goal Setting?

When a goal is set, there is immediately an incentive because simply reaching a goal is intrinsically rewarding. BRAA focuses on goal setting because it ensures that our students have something to aim for. Why is goal setting so important? What does it teach students?

Goal Setting Inspires Creative Thinking: When our students set goals, they do not always have a clear idea of how they will achieve them. Without a clear-cut path or pre-determined process to follow, students must think outside of the box and take creative and innovative leaps to meet their goals. The ability to think creatively is a key ingredient for a successful future outside of school.

success, you want more. And it’s true. We support our students in both setting and reaching goals, so they experience success early. This gives them the confidence to continue to set and go after even loftier goals next time.

Goal Setting Teaches Valuable Lessons about Failure: Great leaders need to frame mistakes and setbacks as opportunities to learn and grow. Some leaders don’t learn how to cultivate a growth mindset until later in their careers, but we give BRAA students an advantage by entrenching growth mindset learning in all of our art and academic programs. While we like to see our students reach milestones, we also understand that sometimes students miss the target. And that’s okay. We support them in recovering from failure with resilience and grace, and then take that learning and go after the next goal.

Learning to Set Goals Leads to a Goal-Oriented Lifestyle: Students who get into the habit of setting goals will be lifetime goal setters, and as a natural result, they’ll be achievers. We build the concept of goal setting into our academic and arts programs so that students get into the practice of goal setting and leave BRAA as experienced, habitual goal setters.

Goals Inspire Learning and Improvement: Sometimes a student reaches for the stars before they learn to fly. We’re here to help. Setting goals inspires students to improve or learn something new so that they can reach their goals and taste that sweet success. Alternatively, when students miss the mark, they often revisit goals with a new determination to learn and improve as necessary so that they succeed the next time.

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How does BRAA Incorporate Goal Setting within the Arts?

At BRAA, we don’t just build goal setting into our academic programming. It’s also at the base of our arts programming. We train our students to reach beyond the status quo, and we expect that they’ll reach for the stars both on and off the stage. We inspire our learners to inspire others through art and performance. We give them the goal-setting tools they need to continue challenging themselves to raise the bar long after they leave BRAA.

If your student can dream it, we support it. Whether your student wants to be a lawyer, teacher, doctor, principal ballet dancer, or actor, we support and guide them on the path they choose so that they can reach their highest potential. Our students have full access to a supportive team of academic professionals. We are as invested in your child’s goal as they are. When they succeed, we succeed.

Trust Burlington Royal Arts Academy with Your Student’s Future

Choosing to send your student to an academic-arts-based high school is easy knowing that Burlington Royal Arts Academy is as committed to their success as you are. Don’t delay – Register now. If you’d like to learn more, visit us online at You can learn more about the school, book a tour, or reach us at 1-289-245-1534.