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At Burlington Royal Arts Academy we know the powerful impact arts has on the development of an individual. As the only arts focused private school in Burlington, we work daily to ensure our students experience all the benefits arts has to offer! Participation in the arts has been shown to positively affect our wellbeing, our confidence, and success. Building a rich learning experience around the arts helps us all! Here are a few of our favourite ways the arts impacts the success of our students:

1. Arts Academy Style Learning Creates Transferrable Skills.

Art is often seen as a luxury, something that is nice to have but not a necessity. However, art education is an important part of a well-rounded education. Art teaches students how to express themselves, how to think creatively, and how to work hard to achieve their goals.

A well-rounded education should include both the arts and academics, and at an arts focused private school, like Burlington Royal Arts Academy students get to experience exactly this every day! Both are important in developing a well-rounded individual. At Burlington Royal Arts Academy it is our mission to provide a solid foundation creatively, personally and academically for our students. We believe that there are many ways that the arts can teach students important life skills. For example, students who are involved in the arts learn how to express themselves, build confidence and self-esteem. In addition, those who are involved in the arts learn how to think creatively, take risks and engage in problem-solving behaviours.

2. Visual Arts in School Increase Student Well-being

When it comes to high school students, it is often said that they are under immense pressure to succeed. This pressure can come from various sources, such as parents, teachers, and peers. this becomes even more pronounced as they move through the education system and identify pathways for post-secondary learning and set personal goals. While this pressure can be beneficial in some ways, chronic stress and demand can also be detrimental to a student’s mental health. One way to alleviate this pressure is through art education as art has been shown to significantly reduce stress, boost feel-good brain chemicals and give students an outlet to channel their feelings and experiences.

3. Art Makes You A Better Communicator

Creating art can also help students improve their communication skills. Students who take art classes often learn how to express themselves more effectively. Through the process of art making, students find that they are able to express themselves more effectively. Through art, they are able to communicate their thoughts and feelings in a way that they may not be able to do with words alone. Art gives a voice to thoughts and feelings that they may have difficulty expressing. Additionally the process of planning, creating and revising a piece of art for an intended audience allows the student to practice how to effectively convey a deep, multilayered message in non traditional ways. Art has us thinking about the nuances of communication and how messages are relayed.

4. Art Connects Dots Between Other Subjects and Creates Deep Learning.

Art can supplement other subjects in high school by providing another outlet for creativity and expression. For example, a student who is struggling in math could find solace in creating a sculpture or painting. Art can also help students learn to think outside the box and come up with new solutions to problems. Art can also provide a way for the student to engage with material learned in other classes, connecting dots, and synthesizing new information. An example of this would be exploring concepts in history, politics and sociology through the study of art.

5. Art Helps You Set Goals And Work Towards Them.

Setting goals is a key part of any successful student’s career. As students grow into adults they need to learn to set goals, take action, monitor their progress and keep moving toward what they want. Art provides a wonderful landscape to let students learn how to set goals, monitor their actions and make changes as they work on a personal piece. In creating art, by having a goal in mind, they can work towards it and eventually achieve it. Whether they’re aiming to get their art featured in a gallery show or simply improve their skills, setting a goal will help them stay on track and motivated. As the students sets and achieve goals through art, they will build confidence in doing so in other areas of their life!

If you’re ready to immerse your teen into all that the arts has to offer and are looking for a private school in Burlington, consider Burlington Royal Arts Academy, where students thrive academically, creatively and interpersonally.

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