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When you consider what media art is and how widely it is consumed, it is clear the study of media art (the fusion between art and technology) provides learners with a solid foundation for technological learning along with arts education. When you choose the Burlington Royal Arts Academy (BRAA), you can trust that we provide an excellent media arts program, because we know that media art is the wave of the future.

What is Media Art?

Media art is an art form that depends on some type of technological component to function. It is everywhere in our lives and it is one of the most powerful communication tool that we have. It influences all realms of life. Some examples include:

  • Graphic design
  • Filmmaking
  • Animation
  • Photography
  • Website design
  • UX design
  • Sound engineering
  • Video game design
  • Scriptwriting (for TV, film, video games, apps, etc.)
  • Lighting technicians
  • Digital illustrator
  • Visual effects
  • And more!

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Four organizing principles guide the creation of media art as laid out in the Ministry of Education curriculum guidelines:

  1. Hybridization involves innovative ways of combining art disciplines to create what can be called “hybrid” forms of art.
  2. Duration explores the nature of time and how its perception can be manipulated and presented.
  3. Interactivity involves viewer participation and includes art forms such as interactive installations, performance art, gaming environments, and web-based art.
  4. Point of view can be expressed both conceptually – revealing, for example, the artist’s political perspective – and physically through perspective.

Why is Learning about Media Art Valuable?

Consider how media art is consumed: video games are more popular than ever, digital streaming platforms such as Netflix and Hulu are well recognized, and the world of marketing, especially digital marketing, is at the forefront of what can be achieved when it comes to using digital platforms to drive sales. Film, TV, video games, ads, etc. all require content to be successful, and the need for content continues to grow. That content is developed by digital media artists.

When it comes to giving your child a lifetime advantage in the real world, there’s nothing better than an arts-academic-focused education to get them started. Our media arts program teaches students the latest media art techniques including cinema, camera work, image capture, sound capture, animation studies, film and video, photography, and visual effects techniques.

Students that wish to pursue media art education in post-secondary institutions receive full support. BRAA staff also assist students to prepare a portfolio for Sheridan College, Conestoga College, O.C.A.D, or any other post-secondary institution, so that they may continue their study of media arts. Even if digital art isn’t in your child’s ultimate career plan, the technological skills and knowledge they learn are transferrable, and many employers now are seeking candidates with a variety of skills that they can apply across the job spectrum.

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Creativity: A Necessary Skill for Success

Perhaps the greatest skill that students gain through media art instruction is that of creativity. Students learn to apply creativity to their art using various forms of technology. They work to develop their creative thinking and technological skills throughout their time at BRAA. As future leaders and innovators, well-honed creative skills are a major requirement for success.

Creativity isn’t just for art – it is necessary for problem-solving, critical thinking, goal achievement, idea generation, and inspiring those you lead to also be creative. Media art requires all of this and more from students. When it comes to your child’s success, set them up to be a creative and innovative leader by giving them an academic-arts-focus education at BRAA.

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Trust Burlington Royal Arts Academy with Your Student’s Future

Choosing to send your student to an academic-arts-based high school is easy knowing that the Burlington Royal Arts Academy is as committed to their success as you are. If you’d like to learn more, visit us online at You can learn more about the school, book a tour, or contact us online.