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Parents of students who wish to pursue an arts-related career might find themselves confused when it comes to choosing the right school that prepares their kids for their preferred future. With so many options for schooling available in Burlington: public schools, private schools, arts focused schools, language focused schools, core curriculum focus schools, it is no wonder one can become overwhelmed with options! Understanding the differences between schooling options available can help you make an informed choice.

Generally speaking, a “traditional” school will place heavy emphasis on core curriculum: math, science, english, history. This is incredibly valuable, but can also come at the cost of cutting elective courses. It is not uncommon to see programs like art, music, drama, family studies, woodworking etc removed from the curriculum completely in order to focus on the building blocks of math, english and science. This laser focus on the core of the curriculum can help with things like standardized tests scores but can also come at a hindrance for someone who wishes to excel in their chosen art form, whether personally or professionally.

Traditional schools emphasize general academic work, focusing little on studio work and arts-focused subjects. So, if you think about whether an art school is worth it, the answer lies in what your expectations are from the school and what experiences you hope to have. If you want your teen to only be exposed to general academics, a traditional school could be an option. However, if you’re preparing your child for a career in the arts or are looking for a more holistic education option, one that values building self expression, self confidence and resilience an arts-focused private school like the Burlington Royal Arts Academy can provide the exact specialized guidance and experiences they need in addition to the necessary experience with to general academics.

What Are Art Schools?

Unlike a traditional school, an art school is dedicated to visual arts, design, music, drama and dance. Instead of excessive focus on solely academics, a student’s workload in an art school would also include, and prioritize well rounded experiences like hands on studio classes, networking and learning from experts in their field, and becoming embedded in the cross curricular connections between the arts and the world.

Is Art School Worth It?

Here’s why art school might be exactly what you are looking for:

  • The opportunity to learn from art professors who are artists themselves. Even though art is subjective, learning from established artists can help students refine their skills and avoid some mistakes along their career path. Art professors can also mentor their students, giving them the opportunity to flourish under the guidance of someone who’s already made their mark in their respective fields.
  • Art schools offer a structured environment for students to pursue their passion and stay motivated. This can help students learn the required skills much faster than in the general academic set-up at a traditional school. 
  • An art school provides dedicated studio space and equipment to learn, which might not be possible for students to manage on their own, and also may not be available in the public school due to lack of funding. Studying with a peer group of other artists, with access to the best materials and equipment keeps students productive and motivated. 
  • Art schools regularly hold shows, allowing students to display their works alongside their peers. This provides exposure to students, as their work can be viewed by the public, including art critics and collectors.

Because the Burlington Royal Arts Academy is an Ontario Ministry Of Education inspected private school, it is certified to award the Ontario Secondary Student Diploma. This is not the case in community spaces that only teaches art or hosts 1:1 art mentoring. This means in addition to a robust arts program we lay heavy emphasis on the Ontario academic curriculum, including business studies, French, English, and math to ensure all students have access to a well rounded educational experience. Knowing this, you can be confident that the students at the Burlington Royal Arts Academy sign up for a highly academic experience with instruction in the arts. It’s the best of both worlds! You can expect that experience to deliver a well-rounded personality with exposure to multiple fields, paving the way for a bright future.

The Burlington Royal Arts Academy is the the perfect balance between arts and academia, as we don’t teach art at the expense of general academics. However, we do inculcate art in everything we teach, enabling students to study better and hone their creative thinking. 

Here’s what we promise our students who get to learn arts and academics together at our Ontario art school:

  • Problem-solving and critical thinking skills
  • Confidence and self-awareness
  • Enhanced cognition
  • Effective communication skills
  • Varied experiences in academics and arts
  • Refined fine and gross motor skills
  • Commitment to a high level of self-expectation and life-long learning
  • Creativity and cultural awareness
  • Limitless potential for growth and development

If you’re looking to broaden your child’s horizons by sending them to an academic-arts-based high school, rest assured that we at the Burlington Royal Arts Academy are as committed to their success as you are. Don’t delay – Register now.

If you’d like to learn more, visit us online at You can learn more about the school, book a tour, or contact us online.