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You want what’s best for your child, including choosing the best high school. However, for some parents that choice can be tough, especially when it comes to choosing an academic-arts-focused high school.

Don’t worry. At Burlington Royal Arts Academy, we understand that choosing the right high school is a big decision. We also know that some parents might wonder if art school is worth it. Let Burlington Royal Arts Academy (BRAA) take the stress out of deciding. We can help you understand what makes our academic-arts-focused high school the right choice for your child.

Why is it Important to Choose the Right High School?

High school isn’t just a place that teens go to during the day. It’s the place that’s going to shape who they become, in partnership with their families. When you choose BRAA, you’re choosing a place that feels like home, no matter where home is. We provide a space that is nurturing and safe. High school is a time of self-discovery, growth, and learning to make decisions that impact the future, and we are here to support and guide your student through this phase of life so that when they attend post-secondary, they are ready.

Choosing the right high school sets students up on the path that’s going to carry them through to their post-secondary pursuits and beyond. No pressure, right? So, while choosing a high school is challenging, deciding between a regular public high school and an academic-arts-focused private high school can be even more confusing, daunting, and difficult. Luckily BRAA has a great team that can are ready and eager to support you.

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Is Art School Worth It?

Art school is 100% worth it for learners who want to get the best of both worlds: academia and arts. At Burlington Royal Arts Academy, we do not teach art at the expense of academics. Instead, we teach arts & academics alongside each other to provide students with all the benefits that come from pursuing arts and academics together, such as:

  • Problem-solving and critical thinking skills
  • Confidence and self-awareness
  • Enhanced cognition
  • Effective communication skills
  • Varied experiences in academics and arts
  • Refined fine and gross motor skills
  • Commitment to a high level of self-expectation and life-long learning
  • Creativity and cultural awareness
  • Limitless potential for growth and development
  • And more!

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What Do the Students Learn at Art School?

There is a myth that students who attend art school in Ontario are art student stereotypes who spend their days wrist-deep in watercolours or acting out the best scenes from Hamlet. At Burlington Royal Arts Academy, quite the opposite is true. There is a heavy focus on the entire Ontario academic curriculum, including business studies, French, English, and maths. Students who show more aptitude in academics over arts have a place at Burlington Royal Arts Academy. For these students, we encourage art classes as a supplement to their education. Other students come for the arts-focused education and balance their academic pursuits alongside their artistic passions. These students generally declare a major area of study within their art, but they can explore other areas for which they’ve shown aptitude but may not yet have been exposed.

Is Art School Limiting?

We’ve had parents express concerns that choosing an art school may be limiting. They worry that their student may not get accepted at the post-secondary institution of their choice or that they won’t be career-ready later in life. Thankfully those fears are unfounded. At BRAA, we are prepared to support your student’s pursuit of arts while ensuring that they receive approved Ontario curriculum academic instruction that is equivalent to what they would learn in a non-arts-focused school environment. In fact, our students are uniquely advantaged by our smaller class sizes and small, supportive team of academic professionals. 

When you choose Burlington Royal Arts Academy, you’ll enjoy all of the benefits that come along with private education coupled with the amazing experience of attending an arts-based academic high school.  

Why Choose Burlington Royal Arts Academy?

You might be asking yourself why you should choose an art school. That’s a fair question. Making the right decision requires an understanding of what academic-arts-focused high school means.  When you choose a Burlington Royal Arts Academy Private Education for your student, you’re not just choosing a highly academic and prestigious collegiate experience, you’re choosing to supplement it with instruction in the arts. The result is a well-rounded educational experience that opens doors to an extraordinary future.

What makes Burlington Royal Arts Academy the right choice for you? Our mission is to encourage and foster learning in a creative, supportive, and challenging environment. We’re focused on developing a passion for the arts while achieving academic excellence. It is our goal to ensure that your student is set up for success in their post-secondary careers – and beyond! To make this happen, we go above and beyond. How?

Trust Burlington Royal Arts Academy with Your Student’s Future

Choosing to send your student to an academic-arts-based high school is easy knowing that Burlington Royal Arts Academy is as committed to their success as you are. Don’t delay – Register now. If you’d like to learn more, visit us online at You can learn more about the school, book a tour, or contact us online.